Strawberry Banana Chips (12 bags)

Strawberry Banana Heaven – Two of nature’s most harmonious flavours come together to create the best banana chips possible. Oh! Naturals Strawberry Banana Chips is a bag of crunchy, delicious sweet banana chips flavoured with a strawberry twist.

Strawberry Smoothie Flavor – Sweet red strawberry flavours complement the natural yellow banana taste. Oh! Naturals Strawberry Banana Chips burst with a celebration of flavours. Each round bite is like sipping a strawberry banana smoothie.

Banana Republic – Made from 100% naturally sweet mini bananas. Bananas are sources of potassium, magnesium and fibre, making them a healthy snack option. Perfect ingredients, create crunchy chip perfection. Satisfy your strawberry banana cravings.

Dried Fruit Snacks – The health conscious connoisseur will love these dried fruit snacks. The unique Oh! Natural preparation method reduces oil and grease while increasing taste, texture, and flavour. The result is an enjoyable treat for all ages.

Crunch Time – Nothing quite elevates a snack, dish, salad, or bowl like an awesome crunch. Add these crunchy and crispy strawberry banana chips to trail mix, oatmeal, or cereal. Makes a great topping for yoghurt or ice cream. It’s crunch time!

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