Mesquite BBQ Sweet Potato Fries (12 bags)

Chip Chip Hooray! – Crispy, crunchy, delicious sweet potato french fries. Chipper and chipnotic, these Mesquite BBQ flavoured sweet potato chips pack a mouthful of flavour in each bite. Oh! Naturals makes the perfect vegetable snack.

Mesquite BBQ – Imagine yourself at a southern barbecue. The flavours of spice, smoke, heat, sweetness, and salt mingle on your tongue. Oh! Naturals Mesquite BBQ Sweet Potato Fries packs that flavour in a bag of chips for your healthy snacking pleasure.

Sweet Potato Fries – Made from natural sweet potatoes, these chips look, feel and taste like sweet potato french fries. Great with hamburgers, sandwiches or fish and chips. Their texture makes them the perfect replacement for soggy, oily, fatty fries.

Vegetable Snacks – The health conscious connoisseur will love these veggie snacks. The unique low-heat, high-pressure cooking method reduces oil and increases taste, texture, and flavour. The result is a highly enjoyable vegetable snack for all ages.

Crispy + Crunchy – Nothing is quite as sad as limp french fries or soggy potato chips. The level of crunch and crisp is the difference between a chippy attitude and a chipper mood. Oh! Naturals Mesquite BBQ Sweet Potato Fries are forever crackling.




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