Chocolate Banana Chips (12 bags)

Chocolate Banana Decadence – Indulge in banana drizzled with decadent, rich chocolate. Oh! Naturals Chocolate Banana Chips is a bag of crispy, crunchy, delicious sweet banana chips enhanced with rich chocolate flavours. Treat yourself.

Chocolate Flavored Chips – Chocolate makes everything better. Especially dried banana chips. The natural dense sweetness of banana is highlighted by rich chocolate notes. Each bite of Oh! Naturals Chocolate Banana Chips is a treat unto itself.

Banana Republic – Made from 100% naturally sweet mini bananas. Bananas are sources of potassium, magnesium, fibre and iron, making them a good snack choice. It is the best way to satisfy the chocolate and fruit cravings. Enjoy the flavorful crunch.

Dried Fruit Snack – The health conscious connoisseur will love these chocolate flavored dried fruit snacks. The unique Oh! Natural preparation method reduces grease and increases taste, texture and flavour. The result: an enjoyable treat for all ages.

Crunch Time – Nothing quite elevates a snack, dish, salad, or bowl like an awesome crunch. Crunch up these crispy chocolate.

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